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Can't get any more sick than this


Hang from the skids 7,000+ feet over eastern Washington

The sky is the limit

Take the leap

Fly with us


Meet Sean MacCormac: The "GOAT"
You may have seen him in his Red Bull suit...
Over 21,000 jumps! Oh yeah, he jumps with us!
Sean MacCormac
Skydiving Legend
I am a member of the Redbull Air Force with over 21,000 Skydives. Hundreds from helicopters all over the world. It’s made me really picky and tough to impress...I have high expectations. But, I recently had the pleasure of flying with Morgan in his big dawg Plush bird from the Lohman fleet. He is a smooth operator, skills through the roof, and a disciplined mindset focused on keeping ya safe...with maximum Adventure. Thanks for the flight 🤘😎
Yes, another “GOAT”: Robbie Maddison
Quite possibly the best freestyle dirtbike rider on the planet! Robby likes to jump out of helicopters too! He really loves to jump out of Lohman Helicopters!
Robbie Maddison
Dirtbike Freestyle Champion
My first ever Heli skydive was with Morgan, it was amazing to be in one of the largest Helis from Lohman’s fleet. Such an incredible experience with Morgan’s insane skills and control. I can’t wait to do more jumps, the exit possibilities and locations are literally endless. It’s a life changing experience! 🤘🪂

Take a look at their jump with us...